Type 3c, 4a

Tight Curls

Curl Traits

Curl shape

Tight curls resemble springs or ringlets, around the diameter of a straw. When wet, the curls retain their spiral shape, only stretched out.

Frizz Factor

With the sheer number of small ringlets on your head, tight curls are extremely susceptible to frizz, breakage and shrinkage. The curls are known to look 'wild' when brushed out - especially with longer hair.

Maintenance Level

Managing tight curls requires a lot of trial and error to figure out what works and doesn’t work. Many products or styling techniques either cater for looser or tighter curl types. Split ends are common as they are often hidden by the curl, causing almost invisible damage over time. Hair routines require more steps and often multiple products are required for the best results.

Tips For Care

The tighter the curl, the harder it is for your scalp natural oil to reach the ends of your hair. You will need to use creme-based leave-ins to help your hair retain moisture longer. Apply oils to help seal in that moisture longer and help reduce split ends.

Tight curls are naturally very voluminous and the treatment when applying products can be used to achieve different results: scrunching product up into the hair with your head flipped upside down will result in more defined curls with increased shrinkage. Running the product down the hair when standing up straight will result in longer but flatter, less-defined curls.

Along with kinky curls, tight curls are very good at holding their shape, making them the perfect hair type for being able to hold protective styles such as twist-outs and braid-outs. These styles require heavier duty products (such as creams, as opposed to gels and mousses) and particular braiding or twisting techniques. Protective styles offer a nice break from your normal hair, and can often last for a week or more.

To keep your hair defined until your next wash day, only brush or comb your hair right before applying product. When your hair is dry, make sure to not disturb your curls; try not to touch your hair too much. When going to bed, either sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet.

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