Embrace Curl School

Taking care of curly-haired clients involves more than washing and styling. It's about understanding people, culture, history, and even science. Embrace For Every Curl Hair School is designed to give you the tools necessary to enter the hair care industry with the competitive edge to confidently service every client that sits in front of you.

Embrace for Professionals

Our exclusive course in partnership with Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)

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We are inspiring a new generation of young people to place value on who they are and the natural hair they were born with. And at the center of this is families!

Embrace For Every Curl’s mission is to nurture a curlkind community that grows into a hair loving movement through quality hair products, authentic education and the celebration of natural hair.

The Embrace Family course is designed to empower children to feel proud of their curly hair and for parents to feel empowered while instilling positivity around curly hair.

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