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At Embrace For Every Curl, we believe hair is our crown. It is a beautiful representation of our diversity in shape, colour, and texture. 

But what happens when we’re bombarded with images that don’t celebrate the true diversity of our natural hair? It cuts deep into young people’s identity, self-expression, and beyond that self-love. It creates a culture of manipulating our crowns - straightening them, colouring them, bleaching them, extending them, and in the process damaging them - all to fit in. 

But weren’t we born to stand out?

Cynthia Simango, the founder of Embrace For Every Curl with her own natural hair story is on a mission to help the hair industry embrace the beauty, diversity, and care of natural hair. Beyond quality products, Embrace For Every Curl offers authentic education and a curl-kind community to pioneer a movement towards healthy natural hair.

To create global change, let’s connect on natural hair education, inspiration & so much more.

Ways to Embrace the Movement

Hair diversity matters. Let’s grow a curl-kind and a hair-loving community together

Spread Positivity

Speak words of affirmation and not unkind words to people with hairstyles that are different from your own.


Know your Curl-Type

Educate yourself on your curl type and the best products to keep your curls healthy and easy to manage.

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Share a Photo

Hair diversity and representation matter. Share a photo of yourself and tell us your hair story.

Embrace a Friend

Invite friends to share your curl-kind journey, which is so much more fun with curly friends.

Sign up to Curl Class

Sign up to our curl school if you’re a customer that wants to know more or a salon that’s ready to embrace curly customers.

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Share Your Curly Idea

Share ideas on how we can all embrace curly and more diverse hair in the hair and beauty industry.

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