Our story

Cynthia Simango has always been aware of how hair cuts close when it comes to identity, self-expression and beyond that self-love.

A Zimbabwean nurse, educator, and mum, Cynthia lived in Texas before moving to Australia to seek a better life. In Australia, she wanted hair care products that suited her kind of curly hair but whether it was in stores or salons, she couldn’t find any. 

In talking to women of all curl types, she discovered that her hair story wasn’t unique. 

In 2017, she launched Embrace For Every Curl, one of the first Australian-made product ranges made especially for curly hair.

“Curly hair has a beauty of its own and doesn’t have to be complicated to style and manage with the right products. However, it can be unhealthy and damaging when the global haircare industry is so focused on developing products for one type of hair. Starting with curl kind products, Embrace For Every Curl aims to educate and inspire everyone to embrace the love of natural hair.”

Cynthia Simango

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Curly hair needs special moisturising formulas that cleanse the scalp without drying and tangling for the healthiest curls

In a haircare industry that is so focused on straight hair, education is key to caring for naturally curly hair.


We wear hair like a crown. Join a curl-kind and hair-loving movement that celebrates the love and care of natural hair.