Type 3a, 3B

Classic Curls

Curl Traits

Curl shape

Classic curls are loose spiral-shaped curls. The ringlet size ranges from the thickness of a Sharpie marker to the thickness of a wine cork. When wet, the curls look like waves (similarly to the loose curl texture).

Frizz Factor

While classic curls are known to tangle and get frizzy, the severity isn't as strong as tighter curl patterns. If curls are brushed out when dry, the hair will puff out like a cloud rather than resemble slightly frizzy straight hair.

Maintenance Level

Classic curls need more attention than loose curls, by adding more steps to a hair routine. Unless the curl is very loose, this curl type requires products most of the time. When worn with no product, the hair is more likely to tangle.

Tips For Care

The tighter the curl, the harder it is for your scalp natural oil to reach the ends of your hair. You will need to use creme-based leave-ins to help your hair retain moisture longer. Apply oils to help seal in that moisture longer and help reduce split ends.

Similarly to loose curls, classic curls aren't naturally voluminous - styling and cut is very important. For maximum volume, flip your head upside down when applying product and scrunching the cream or gel. Scrunch the product from tip to root instead of running your hands from root to tip (as this will result in a flatter end result).

To keep your hair defined until your next wash day, only brush or comb your hair right before applying your product. When your hair is dry, try not to touch your hair too much to not disturb your curls. When going to bed, sleeping on either sleep on a silk pillowcase or wearing a silk bonnet is a great way of protecting your hair!

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