Embrace Sustainability

To be curl kind is to look after the home we’ve been given. We believe sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a choice we must all make every day. It should influence what we buy and how we use and reuse consumer products. That’s why at the heart of our business model is the desire to educate salons and curly customers to reuse our bottles. This way we connect our curl-kind community to think and act more sustainably.

How it works

After finishing your favourite curl kind product, clean and dry the empty bottle.

Once you have your bottles clean and dry bring them to the nearest participating salon and look for the Embrace for Every Curl Refill Station.There you will find a salon assistant who will gladly help you with the refilling process!

Next, head over to the register and enjoy a discount on your newly filled bottle!

Walk out of the salon with your head held high because you've saved money while helping the planet!


How to clean your Embrace For Every Curl bottle