Thank You


Together Let's Choose to Embrace.

In 2017, after years of struggling to find products to care for her natural hair, Zimbabwean, Cynthia Simango, created and launched Embrace for Every Curl as one of the first Australian-made hair care product lines for naturally curly hair. We strive to celebrate and promote the highest level of hair health for ALL curl types.

We believe in embracing our whole selves through:

➰ empowerment and education

➰ ethical transparency and sustainability

➰ self-love and self-care

➰ generosity

At Embrace for Every Curl, we encourage curlfriends of every gender, every hue, every texture, every length, to embrace every single strand on their heads. We love our curl community, from our day-ones to our ‘it’s my first-day’ and we thank YOU for being part of our story!

Cynthia Simango

Cynthia Simango